Accelerate project delivery

Foresight's cloud connects current design processes and data to enhance decision making, improve outcomes and accelerate project delivery by optimising workflows. Instantly convert existing Sketchup, Revit, Point Cloud data or other 3D/BIM data into a VR experience that provides a real sense of scale and spatial understanding to help them understand the design, the mood and the space better.

Collaborate on 3D/BIM data across teams

Coordination using VR meetings helps ensure everyone is on the same page about the issues and the resolutions from day one. It also gives centralised access to all stakeholders involved in the entire life cycle of a construction project. We have eliminated the clutter involved with tethered systems and expensive computers, all you need is a standalone VR headset connected to our cloud and you are good to go.

Pre occupancy evaluation

Interact with full-scale virtual models, study their simulated actions, and gauge the feasibility of actually erecting a structure based on the existing design. If a specific aspect of the design proves to have errors, it can easily and quickly be adjusted, saving money that would otherwise have to be spent on downstream rework.

Centralized access to design data

Internal and external teams can collaborate and have access to design data via our cloud. Connect teams or clients onsite to review projects in real-time, manage user permissions, visualize site progress, save time and IT resources.


Upload your designs on Foresight



Foresight processes the designs in the cloud and automatically converts them to a full-scale VR experience.


Visualise in VR anytime anywhere

Create collaborative design and review meetings in seconds!


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