We live in a 3-dimensional world, so it is more intuitive to interact with things in 3-dimensions rather than with 2D media. At Percept Imagery, we enable you, the architects and developers to present your grand designs to your buyers in all its glory. Besides, why imagine when you can live the experience?

We have been creating awe-inspiring experiences for our clients using cutting-edge immersive technologies since 2014. During this period, we have acquired critical experience and an understanding of how these technologies can be leveraged for architectural visualisation, retail and more.

Get in touch to arrange a demo and find out how Percept Imagery can help your organisation to compete in the new frontier of cutting-edge technology.



Why VR?

Virtual Reality has made it possible to make non-existing things as real as they can be. It can provide for immersive life-scale experiences that are leaps and bounds ahead of passive 2D media such as images and videos. Rise of VR has paved new ways of consuming data, one of which is effective and impactful way of experiencing spaces. Percept Imagery is leveraging this technology to help architects and property developers truly showcase their designs in all their three dimensional glory.

How does it work?

Percept Imagery can work with all the current tools you use to create the sketches, blueprints and/or 3D models (your existing workflow doesn’t change) of the property. We use these resources, create immersive VR experiences and deliver it on a standalone VR headset, which is a part of our offering.

How long does it take?

Percept Imagery is working with architects and property developers for a better part of last four years. In this time, we have acquired critical skills and techniques that allow us to ensure that the project turnaround is as quick as possible. To get a customised quote for your project, arrange a call here.

How much will it cost?

The cost of a project generally depends on multitude of factors including but not limited to size of the property, structural complexity and design style. To know more and get a quote for your project, arrange a demo here.

Do we get technical support?

Percept Imagery realises that every new technology has its challenges. Virtual Reality is no exception to that, but we are here to help. We provide all the introductory training and software as well as hardware usage support to the people working with our products.


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